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Easy to use for both beginners & experts. USA Designed.

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Increased Energy

Regula exercise increases your overall energy and productivity levels.

Relieves Stress

Workouts have been proven to relieve stress and anxiety. Very important in times like these.

Weight Control

A lack of exercise can lead to a build-up of unwanted weight gain. Exercising keeps you in shape.

Regular Routine

Working out at home means you can do it at any time. Can fit right into your daily routine.

Why Use FitHomeX

Let's face it - you're stuck at home right now. That doesn't mean you can become a couch-potato. A simple home workout, even as short as 20minutes will keep you in much better shape.

Lightweight and Portable

Easily setup, can be moved to different rooms or locations easily.

Strength, Stability & Stamina

Work on different things, depending on your goals.


Adjustable to your height and build type.

Suitable For All

Suitable for Male, Female & all body types and weights

Any Muscle Group

Work on your arms & chest, or your stomach and legs. Your choice.

Dispatched within 48 hours

We still have stock and all orders are dispatched within 2 days.

Easy To install In Any Home

FitHomeX is the most versatile home workout equipment you will find anywhere. Whether you want to tense your upper legs/thighs, build up stomach muscles or build out your chest and arms. It has you covered.

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Achieve Your Dream Body
While Stuck At Home

Just because you can't head to the gym right now doesn't mean you have an excuse to get out of shape, and if you weren't in shape to begin with - now is the perfect opportunity!


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We know you might have some questions, here are the most common ones we get.


YES - We currently still have stock. If you manage to place an order, it means we have stock for you. Stock is getting low though, order now to avoid disappointment.

There are over 20 different exercises you can perform with a FitHomeX. We'll guide you.

Yes, several of the exercises are aimed directly at muscle and strength gain.

FitHomeX is very versatile, and we gaurentee there's somewhere in your home it can attach. A door is perfect.

It comes with instructions, and takes literally 5 minutes to install.


We understand how important exercise is to everybody, and due to curent cirumstances around the world you aren't possible to complete your normal workouts or head to the gym.

That's why we're currently offering a 50% discount on FitHomeX. We've pledged to not raise out prices during this crisis.

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Recommended By Trainers Around The World

Top Personal Trainers around the world recommend FitHomeX, because it can be used for over 20 individual exercises, and can be setup in almost any room in your home.


I recommend everybody who's interested in keeping fit while at home to get a FitHome. They're so versatile and you can work on strength in any area of your body.

Alexander Graham - Competitive Athlete

This is my favorite piece of home workout equipment, because anybody can use it. A lot of people dont have space for a weight bench or treadmill in their apartment.

Lisa Angle - Gym Enthusiast

When our clients ask us for equipment they can easily use at home, FitHomeX is our #1 suggestion.

Laura Netts - Gym Owner

This is the #1 item I take with me *everywhere*. I carry it in my bagpack to every clients home (and encourage them to get their own). You can exercise every part of the body with it.

Lewis Don - Personal Trainer

Stock Levels Running Low

Our stock levels are at an all time low. Demand for home-workout items has never soared so high.

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